CODE: F 065B


So Realistic, You'll Fool A Surgeon!

This system has been known for a long time and has been widely used for paranormal presentations or wacky offbeat acts. Unfortunately the entertainment industry was never able to produce this quality of a gimmick because the technology involved in making a product of this standard was too expensive for this small a market.

That has now changed and from Switzerland we bring you the most realistic gimmick. Handz-Up has veins, hand painted details and is modeled with so much care to lifelike appearance that it actually looks and feels like a real hand! If you perform the "Séance Cloth" or self levitation effects then you'll appreciate the self-grip properties. You can easily attach Handz-Up to a book, jacket, pizza box, microphone stand or whatever else you can get your Handz-Up on!

  • Realistic Appearance
  • It packs flat (even fits into your wallet) and is always ready.
  • Self Grip

Behaves like a real hand, you can set it up and dump it whenever you want.
Constructed from anti-ageing rubber to ensure that Handz-Up will be a favorite for many years to come. The manufacturer says that it comes complete in protective package with full color manual including 15 photos. Actually it comes in a Polly-bag and the header is the manual but it is a great hand.

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