CODE: BK0653


Reprint of the introduction by Fr. Cyprian...  It is with great pleasure and pride that I introduce Richard ('Rich") Pollack to you. Rich was a magic student of mine for two years. The greatest joy for any teacher is to see a former student thinking on his own and standing on his own two feet. Rich does just that. He is a young man who knows his own mind when it comes to magic. He spends hours perfecting his routines; and gives careful thought to every item he masters. And "masters" is the word. Rich does not dabble. He works hard on his magic and displays it with a neatness and grace that make it most pleasing to the eye.

This is his first lecture. He has gathered together ten items that offer us an insight into his thinking on close-up magic. The words "take a card, please" that so often summon us to boredom take on new meaning with Rich. Here are effects wherein the invitation "take a card, please" serves as the entree to truly magical happenings. "Torn Traveler" should convince you of that. So, sit back and enjoy the magic of Rich Pollack.

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