This is a utility gimmick for magicians, with many diverse applications. A slightly most sophisticated version of the Bottomless Glass, that permits you to "prove it is a regular glass" by some subtle handling. It will also permit you to perform other effects, similar to those performed with an Okito Glass, and some entirely different ones as well.

The props we supply consist of a clear plastic Bottomless Glass, and a very special half glass insert, with a regular bottom. You could also remove the insert, and perform any of the effects using the regular Bottomless Glass. As a bonus extra, we also give you many effects that can be performed with a regular Bottomless Glass in our instructions.

No matter what your performing preferences, this is a prop you will find a use for, like Change Bags, and Thumb Tips, and other gizmos that most magicians cannot do without ! Complete with many ideas for diverse applications.

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