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Mark Wilson began his professional career at age 13, when a Dallas magic store hired him as its demonstrator. After his graduation from Southern Methodist University, he and his wife, Nani Darnell, created and sold a local TV magic show. In 1960, he began "The Magic land Of Allakazam, which ran for five years on CBS and ABC. Later, Mark developed a series of one-hour "Magic Circus" TV specials, and hosted "The Magic World of Mark Wilson:' He also became magic consultant to several television series, including "The Incredible Hulk," "The Love Boat," and "The Magician," where he supplied magic props and story lines and taught star Bill Bixby the magic for his role.

In 1980, Mark received one of his greatest honors: an invitation to the People's Republic of China, becoming the first western entertainer to perform there in more than thirty years. Since then, he has brought Chinese acrobats to the U.S., staged a magical, musical spectacular in Seoul, South Korea, and published Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. Mark was the first magician to receive two "Magician of the Year" awards from the Academy of Magical Arts. In 1988, he received the Academy's highest honor, the "Master's Fellowship"

Perform magic in an intimate setting with Mark Wilson's Greatest Close-Up Magic Tricks. This book contains the secrets of more than forty amazing magic tricks, selected from the incredible repertoire of this master illusionist.

The book is well illustrated, 88-pages, hardbound, 9" x 12" and has a beautiful cover front and rear with a full size picture of Mark. This entire series is now off the market and will be a collector's item.

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