This product is a perfect mind reading trick. Multiple effects, easy to play, items all provided from audience (not need to add magnet or chip to the item). You can perform anywhere, street, party, school or bar, anywhere, just need some spectators, and they will be surprised and never know how you did it!

Here are some effects...

Heavy and Light - You can perceive the weight of the object in each hand of the audience. 

A key and a ring are held in two hands respectively. The magician can sense the difference of the weight of 2 objects, and determine the key or the ring in which hand! 

Thought Control (Hypnosis) - You can ontrol the audience to do some choices that they are unexpected. 

Let two spectators take out some items, such as coins, keys, etc. The magician emphasizes that they can put their own item in any hand and don't tell each other. Then the magician tells the two spectators that he just hypnotized them, and asked them to put the object in the right hand. The spectatprs are so surprised that objects are actually held in their right hands!

Color Sensor - You can guess multiple colors of objects without seeing or touching. 

Four small balls of different colors are placed in the hands of 2 spectators respectively. The magician says he will be affected by different colors. He senses and tells which color of ball that each hand holds. So amazing!

Lie Detector - You can judge whether the spectator tells the truth. 

A coin is held in any hand of a spectator. The spectator can choose to tell the truth or lie when the magician asks him which hand the coin is in. However, if the spectator lies, the magician will detect and know he lied. 

Which Hand - The spectator hides an object (such as a key, a coin, etc.) into any hand without the magician seeing. However, the magician can guess which hand the object is put into. Or play with several spectators, guess who holds the object. 

  • The prop is high-quality and able to be used for several years.
  • Comes with a detector, four rubber bands and video instruction. 
  • Please prepare a 9v alkaline battery by yourself.

Size: 10.5 x 3.3 x 2.5cm 

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