CODE: BK0951


In this new book Tim Goswick presents 17 effects with plans that you can use that have to do with levitation. He has always thought that floating and suspension type effects were the most effective for a magician to use. He explains that when you use this type of effect, it makes you look like a true magician.

As far as the lay audiences are concerned, it is a treat to actually see a magician make an object or person float. If you really think about it, most people only see a floating effect on TV. With these effects you can build and use these illusions in your act.

Included are the following illusions

The Against Gravity Guitar The Jail Bird
Spirit of the Bulb Walking on Water
Publicity Photo Suspension    Rising of the Obelisk  
Bird of Prey Bowl Suspension
Hindu Zombie Great Ball of China
Light as a Feather Sunset City
Invisible Man Rise of Mona Lisa
Floating Pumpkin Visual Card Castle

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