The performer borrows a bill from a member of the audience. Showing the hands empty, the performer says, "I will produce a coin from a bill." While tugging on the bill, the performer accidentally tears the corner off the bill. The performer then says that although the piece is a quarter, that'S not what he had in mind. The performer folds the rest of the bill, places it into his hand and waves a lighter under the hand. When the hand is opened, a silver dollar has appeared! Stating that if he were to give the silver dollar away, the spectator would be up $.25, he says that he will show hoe to perform the famous cigarette thru coin trick. That secret is worth a dollar at least!

A cigarette is removed from the performer's pack. Displaying the coin, the performer tries to push the cigarette through the coin with no success. In fact, the cigarette eventually snaps in half! When all looks bleak for the performer, a dollar bill is revealed to be rolled up inside the cigarette! When the dollar is unrolled, is shown to be missing a quarter piece and it matches the piece held by the spectator has been holding since the beginning of the trick!

The performer takes both pieces of the dollar, folds them up and hands them to the spectator. Then he say's "You know, a real magician could fix your dollar bill, and the best way to do that is to go back in time." The performer removes a watch from his pocket and winds the hands back a few minutes to a time just before the dollar was destroyed. When the spectator opens their hand, the bill is restored!

Of course, if you REALLY went back in time, the cigarette wouldn't be broken. In fact, it's nowhere to be found! It is now back in the pack which has been in full view on the table for the entire trick. Not only that, the pack is still sealed in it's cellophane!

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