The second collection of TAKAHIRO's coin magic work. This time it is sleight of hand.

Although a gimmick was mainly used in his previous work, "Worlds End," basically any of the effects can be accomplished with sleight of hand - and this generates huge satisfaction from the audience. 

This is a collection of works that demonstrate creativity. All the effects are masterpieces, showing both impossibility and artistry. 

Although sleight of hand is involved, it is designed not to be difficult, but to distribute the load reasonably and to allow smooth handling. Not only do the routines work together beautifully as a whole, but each part plays well on its own. 

Please enjoy the beautiful coin magic that reveals the genius of Takahiro.


ORDO STELLARUM ERRANTIUMSpell Bound with three kinds of coins. 

SCARABTake three coins and arrange them side by side in the palm of your hand. When you hold the opposite hand, the three pieces disappear one by one, with more surprises along the way. 

HONEY BEEHold a card over three coins placed on your palm and, one by one, each vanishes. They will then reappear one at a time. 

KARAKURICoins appear and disappear on a mat. Looks miraculous! 

GLOBULEThe coin will disappear while using a transparent card. Three coins disappear one by one, and the three then reappear at the same time. 

SMOKEBackfire assembly with 4 coins and 1 card.

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