CODE: Z 032A


For the Magician performing productions from a Mirror Box. Square Circle; Tip Over Boxes and the like.  There is always a demand for production items, which occupy little or no space when folded, and make a large and colorful display when produced. These Glitter Ball Production Garlands are made from Mylar metallic' film to make a very attractive display. When folded, two of these Garlands occupy a space of less than 7 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch, h in height. When produced, each Garland is about 4 feet long, with four 6.5 inch Glitter Balls threaded along a ribbon. Sturdy construction gives them a much longer life than paper garlands. Produce half a dozen of these from a Square Circle, and hang them on a stand, and you have a production visible on the largest stage.

This is a recommended production item for the stage performer. Produce them in pairs, or by the dozens, and fill up the stage. Yon can load these Garlands side by side, in pairs into a circular load chamber, like those used in the Square Circle Production Outfit. The Garland is always loaded with the ring to the top. Lift up the ribbon by the ring end, and the Garlands will come up with each ball fully formed. When you produce the Garlands, you can hang them up by the rings on an improvised stand. They make a very colorful back-drop to your production act. These Garlands are properly weighted, and the balls will open will open out fully when the Garland is lifted by the ring end.

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