CODE: BK1555


Glemme (Norwegian for "To Forget") comes bottled and ready to roll. Inside you'll read how to make anyone forget virtually anything with a reliable method that doesn't rely on pure psychology. The subject will ALWAYS feel as if he forgot that very something he was asked to remember.

Imagine you've asked someone what color his shirt is. After he responds, you openly write this color down so everyone can see it. Then you place your subject into the proper mind set. The subject "Locks the color into his memory" and verbally confirms that he has it. A few moments go by and the subject can't remember the color, no matter how hard he tries!

Inside you'll learn how to perform "The Original Forgotten Ploy" with playing cards, a large sketch pad, a dry erase board, and even a combination lock!

You'll also learn how to "Bring Back" the forgotten memory, at any point, having the subject instantly remember!

Be sure to check out the bonus routine, "Your Personal Combination", where you'll be able to give a member of the audience the power to key in the right combination on your personal briefcase.

Pages 41 - Softbound

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