CODE: BK0071


This is a great book for beginners. The purpose of this book is to teach you great card tricks and tell you exactly how to perform them. This includes step-by-step instruction and tips on presentation.

The ability to perform good card tricks is not unlike the gift of playing a musical instrument well. As with a musical instrument, you can enjoy the solitary practice, and you can share your skill with others. Are there other rewards? Certainly, the admiration of spectators, for instance is one of them. Who doesn't enjoy being the center of attention? But even better is the sharing.

You, the card expert, enliven every occasion and contribute to everyone's enjoyment. When performing card tricks, however, some magicians miss the main point. The object is not merely to fool spectators, nor to impress with a variety of flourishes. The object is to entertain. And magic is the central theme. The tools are many: good tricks, practiced skill, interesting patter, humor, and-above all, a sharing of the fun. The idea is to entertain an audience, as well as yourself. You'll feel enormously pleased with yourself as you develop greater skill with your tricks, and well you should. Just don't forget to share the joy.

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