In the 1970s, James Lovelock's groundbreaking Gaia Hypothesis proposed that our planet could be viewed as a single, self-regulating system, in which animals shape their environment and vice versa. His metaphor forever changed how we see our world, with every plant and animal forming a vital, interlocking piece of the whole.

Now UK illustrator Ben Sinclair celebrates these interconnections with his magnificent and colorful GAIA Playing Cards, packed with exquisite animal sketches and "biome-themed" suits. Slip through the thick growth of the rainforest, sleep beneath the stars of the savanna, or shiver in the tundra as you watch a snow leopard... This is your world.

The world of GAIA. SPECIAL FEATURES 54 poker-sized cards (52 cards + 2 jokers) Embossed, 360° fully panoramic tuck box Printed by the United States Playing Card Company Premium, embossed card finish for smooth handling 100% custom, hand-drawn artwork on every card, illustrated by Ben Sinclair Limited edition

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