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You can carry a piece of rope in your pocket, and use it to perform some amazing magic for an audience of a few, or on a stage for an audience of hundreds. There are hundreds of tricks you can perform with a piece of rope. The most famous of these is the Cut & Restored Rope trick, where a piece of rope is cut into two or more pieces, and magically restored. But there are many others, where knots magically appear or vanish from a length of rope, rings or handkerchiefs penetrate through a length of rope, or a rope penetrates through your knee or neck.

There are two Encyclopedias of Rope tricks for Magicians published by Abbotts, with 100s of rope tricks of all varieties. Dover publications have an excellent book of Self Working Rope Tricks by Karl Fulves. You will also find many rope tricks in any book of Conjuring tricks, like the Tarbell Course, or Mark Wilson Course in Magic. The purpose of this compilation is to give you many tricks of an assorted variety with ropes, enough to get you started on one of the easiest, most effective, and most economical types of magic you can perform. A piece of rope costs less than a good deck of cards, and a good rope trick can make a much bigger impact on a much larger audience.

The best rope for magic tricks is a soft cotton rope about a quarter inch in diameter. It is easy to handle, knots well, and is easy to cut when an effect requires this. It is also very visible to a large audience, at a considerable distance. Many of the tricks in this book can be easily adapted to a borrowed necktie, a muffler or even a piece of cord or string, making them impromptu in nature.

After you learn the tricks that catch your fancy, and with a piece of rope in your pocket, you will be ready to entertain and mystify any size of audience, any time, any place, and under any performing conditions.

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