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How To Make Entertaining Novelties From Dollar Bills

Would you like to learn how to easily fold amazing origami models, and then entertain with them? Robert E. Neale's Folding Money Fooling contains 13 easily constructed models, all using paper money. Robert's verbal and pictorial descriptions make learning every detail of these models easy.

From Robert E. Neale's Preface...

"This book contains twenty new and novel models that perform in these amusingly unexpected ways; all are folded from dollar bills. They are created for adults, but many will entertain children-especially the finger puppets in Puppet Poetry and the tale illustrated with many different shapes in A Boy's Modest Adventure. A rabbit pops out of a top hat in Bunny Bill, a model popular among magicians."

Chapter Listing...

  • An Economic Comment
  • Fluttering Butterfly
  • Puppet Poetry
  • Pearching Parrot
  • Heart Homily
  • Crane in Flight
  • A Boy's Modest Adventure


  • Crossed Doubly
  • Seven Clever Bills
  • Hyperflex
  • Baffling Bill Braid
  • Tricks
  • Stretch A Bill
  • Presidential Portrait
  • Wormo
  • The Contrary Ones
  • Snake Basket
  • Pyramid of Immortality
  • Rabbit Redux
  • Bunny Bill
  • Oakes' Standing Bunny
  • Harris' Bunnies

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