Theatrical fog machines create fog by vaporizing a special, safe and non-toxic water-based fluid. When used according to instructions they leave no residue. Fog greatly enhances any lighting effect. It's used extensively in haunted houses, nightclubs, concerts and theaters. Most fog machines include a wired remote control.

This unit is perfect for Halloween parties and casual home use (not designed for rentals or other heavy duty applications). Includes a 30 foot wired remote control - simply press the button and fog comes out! This new fogger has an attractive case and handle for easy carrying. The tank is also removable. A Timer Remote is optional. Requires Fog Fluid (not included).

It runs on 120 volts and takes s 5 minutes to warm up. It will produce 3,300 cubic feet per minute. It has a 1 pint tank capacity. Wire remote is included. It weighs 4 pounds and is 6" x 7" x 12".

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