CODE: BK0110


In this book you'll find an incredible amount of good lines to use when those inevitable accidents happen. No matter how experienced a performer you are (magician, speaker, MC, comedian) you will face situations from time to time where you need something to save the moment. It's not a question of IF it will happen, it's a question of WHEN it will happen.

If you face a heckler, you drop something, you make a mistake, you hear a noise off stage, a baby cries, etc..., knowing exactly what to say at the appropriate moment will show the audience that you are a real professional.

A Few of the Topics Covered

Openings No laughs
No applause Only one person laughs/applauds  
Forgetting a line Late starting of the show
You are late You trip on the way to stage
You have a black eye You stumble on your words
You sweat You have a cold
You are losing your voice                       You have a cough
You are wearing a cast Microphone shrieks
The lights go out The room is hot/cold/small
Your table falls over You find the wrong card
A trick goes wrong All this and much, much, more!

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