Now you will be able take lights from your fingers and place them anywhere you need. Put them on your shirt, a book, even a puppet. 

Using several of these gimmicks you will be able to make shapes of lights, like a heart, or a dove. Another wonderful idea is to perform a matrix of lights with 7 different gimmicks set up on your shirt.

The electronic gimmick will turn the light on or off when you put your hand in front of it. 

  • Easy to do
  • Very easy to set up
  • A revolution in light magic!
  • Lights up automatically when a magnet is near the gimmick
  • High quality
  • Red light

Note that the electromagnetic system need works with a small magnet which is supplied. You can also use a PK ring. A great addition to your D'lite routine - D'lite not included.

Includes 1 electronic gimmick, 1 magnet, 1 battery and instruction sheet.


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