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Over 300 entertaining games, tricks, puzzles, and pastimes for children of all ages are collected and explained in this inexpensive and handy volume. It will be virtually indispensable to anyone in charge of a group of youngsters: teachers, den mothers, camp counselors, scout leaders, Sunday school teachers, and others. An excellent gift for youngsters, it is also a treasury of suggestions for hard-pressed parents and the fine art of keeping their offspring amused, content, and quiet.

Card tricks, bubbles blowing, paper folding, and riddles, anagrams, tricks with coins and matches. These and other amusements collected in this book will provide young readers not with hours, but with weeks and months of entertainment. The sections on paper folding and string figures alone are concise introductions to hobbies that may extend over a period of years, and many of the other pleasures can be repeated again and again with equal enjoyment.

Section one, on card games and tricks, includes Russian patience, Pelmanism, arithmetical and spelling operations with cards, and simple solitaire and two-man games. The section on paper folding shows how to make nearly two score amusing toys and useful decorations from the most inexpensive of materials. The author goes on to explain more than a hundred tricks with coins, matches, and pieces of string.

Later sections include descriptions of games for the agile, a number of toys that can be made from common household objects, mathematical recreations, word games, and 50 miscellaneous pastimes, ranging from fox and geese to community songs. All are provided with a copious number of clear and amusing illustrations, and the accompanying text is written clearly and simply enough to allow all children to derive maximum enjoyment from it.

This book is an unabridged republication of 1st (1932) edition formerly titled "Winter Nights Entertainments." The introduction is by Lord Baden Powell. This is a permanent book.

The book contains 329 illustrations and 186 pages. It is paperbound. 

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