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This book really does 'pack a wallop. There isn't an item in this book that isn't practical, doable, and useful. I've no doubt that many of the effects and routines will become reputation-makers for you. Harry Lorayne writes… For those of you who've been kind enough to ask (I haven't written a magic book in some time), I need to be excited about something in order to write a book. And that simply hasn't happened in years.

Doug performed a lot of magic for me, magic that he hadn't, as yet, contributed to anyone or shown me. And that excited me! So it became a book called Doug Edwards' Packs A Wallop. That's the point. When that kind of excitement hits I simply have to let others know about it. I have to purge myself, get it out. For me, that kind of excitement becomes a book!

There's no question in my mind that Doug Edwards' magic in this book will excite you just as it excited me. It will definitely raise the average of "quantity diffusing quality" to an enormous degree! If you're excited by easy-to-do magic that's direct, new, subtle, effective-magic that fools-then, I'm happy and pleased to tell you that I've given you just that by writing many of Doug's effects and routines in Doug Edwards Packs A Wallop. What we're talking about here is quantity and quality.

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