CODE: BK0874


New and effective illusions are not easy to come by. Many are just variations of something that has gone before. You will find "The Devil's Bride" one of the most unusual illusions you have ever seen. The usual superlatives used to describe magic effects and illusions just will not suffice in this case. To say "The Devil's Bride" is devilishly clever and diabolically effective would be the understatement of the century. We are more enthused over this illusion than any effect to come from the amazing mind of U. F. Grant. You will find "The Devil's Bride" to be one heck of an illusion

In the pages of this book, through the use of words, photographs, and line drawings, the author will reveal to you the complete secret and workings of "The Devil's Bride". Then, when you try it, you will be amazed. It is one of those rare effects which continues to fascinate you even when you know how it is done!

The audience sees on the stage or platform, or in the performance area, two large frames hinged together. Each frame contains a completely transparent panel. Metal bars run across each frame. The hinged frames represent the 'gates of hell'.

Resting in a holder behind the hinged panels is a copper-like urn. Two more urns in holders are at the front, one in front of each panel. The three urns are ignited, real fire burning in each one. Spectators may come up to verify that the fire is real. The fire in the urn behind the panel, or 'gates', is referred to as the 'sacred' fire. Spectators may put pieces of paper or even their own handkerchiefs into the fire to demonstrate that the fire does burn!

A metal grill is then placed on top of the urn of 'sacred' fire. The audience can see the fire continuing to burn up through the grill. Now a girl walks over to the sacred fire and sits on the grill with the fire burning all around her! No special lighting or black art here! And no mirrors are used. It is actually the girl sitting on the grill not a reflection. This is in full light. The audience can see her very clearly through the 'gates of hell!' Suddenly, there is a flash and the girl vanishes instantly Again, this is in full light. There is the flaming urn, but the girl, fully visible just an instant before, is gone!

This is an absolutely fantastic illusion that is explained and drawings to build are included!

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