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YOU may not believe it; I didn't believe it; even Harry Lorayne didn't believe it! Could he write another magic book as good as his other great magic books? Close-Up Card Magic, Personal Secrets, and My Favorite Card Tricks brought the biggest response in our publishing history. Well, you'd better believe it - Harry Lorayne's 144-page hard covered book, Deck-Sterity, not only matches his other books -but, we believe, TOPS them!

We guarantee that it will keep you occupied, happy and enthralled for a long, long time. "1-2-3 Aces," "Foursome," "Favorite Aces & Kings," "The Indicator," "Flying Aces" and others, are destined to become classics. As an extra bonus, you will find within the pages of this book three of Harry's pets that are not card tricks, and we are sure you will like these quickies: "Cointrol," "Double Billema," and his pet cigarette trick, "That Burns Me Up." Dozens of illustrations (160) that simplify the workings of each trick and explain to you as though you are getting personal instructions from Harry Lorayne himself

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