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To best describe this book, I quote from the forward... "Let me tell you a true story about a thumb tip. I know that it is true, because I made it up myself. A few years ago, I booked a club date about 100 miles outside of Las Vegas. Upon reaching my destination and opening my trunk to get my bag of magic tricks, I noticed it was not there. I realized that I had left them at home. I was so shocked I almost had a laundry accident! 

I thought to myself, what I should do. I had to do a half-hour show in just a few minutes, and certainly did not have enough time to return to Las Vegas and pick up my equipment. I then said to myself, "Why worry? I have a thumb tip on me!"   So I borrowed a few things from the bartender, such as a napkin, matches, cigarettes, a glass of beer, etc. I then proceeded to do my show with those articles and nothing else but a thumb tip. When the show was over, I received a standing ovation, which isn't easy with an audience full of midgets!

The owner of the club came back stage to pay me and said that it was the greatest show that he had ever seen! So I thanked him and gave his Seeing Eye dog a biscuit. As I drove back to Las Vegas on that long lonely road, I suddenly realized that with this little gimmick, I think I can rule the world.  And that is the story, except for the midgets.  You won't be disappointed in this great little book and it will enable you to do an entire show with a thumbtip.

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