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My name is David Ginn. Many school children call me a "Magic Man," meaning a magician. Other folks consider me a published author, what I call a "Book Writer." Still others, both personal friends and professional, think of David Ginn as a "Funny Talker." Some of my clown friends have even dubbed me a "Clown Without Make-up." In my magical career, 32 years of which have been fulltime performing, writing, and lecturing, I am all of those things. That is why my business card reads:

DAVID GINN: Magic Man. Book Writer. Funny Talker.

Yes, that is my job description in a nutshell. It's a job that started off as a kid hobby, reading those library books as an ii-year-old budding magician, watching Mark Wilson, Nani, and Rebo the Clown on TV in the late 195os, buying tricks at the local "trick shop" and via mail order catalogs, and performing shows at first in the basement or the yard or living room, then graduating up to church and birthday party shows in homes, then onto bigger company parties and picnics, and finally now to schools, pre- schools and libraries.

These thousands of live performances plus over l00 TV appearances led to the writing of magazine columns, books, and videos. The performing and writing gave me the experience and authority to lecture to magicians and clowns in nearly every major and minor city in the USA and Canada and about 1,5 foreign countries over the past 2,5 years. So my life evolved into three parts: performing, writing, and sharing with other performers at workshops and conventions.

Yet the basis for my career is ENTERTAINING CHILDREN, and that means one thing: doing live shows. If I only sat and thought about it, then wrote about it, then lectured on the subject, my lack of live show experience would show through. It is only because I am still doing over 300 live shows yearly that my work holds validity.

Therefore, what I bring to you in my writing and lecturing is not theory, but fact. My personal proof to you is that my performance material and techniques HAVE WORKED and ARE WORKING for me in live shows on a weekly basis at schools, libraries, and pre-schools ... and hopefully, if you put your personality and your talents into these things, they will work FOR YOU in. order to make children happy.

I hope my enthusiasm rubs off on you. I really love performing shows for children. If you have a heart for children-indeed, the heart of a kid yourself-then you've come to the exact right place to be. Here with me in Ginnville.

With that in mind, let me give you a Crash Course on Kidshows. It doesn't matter if you're a magician, clown, ventriloquist, puppeteer, storyteller, juggler, or other family type entertainer. I am sure you'll find important information in these pages, knowledge I have learned the hard way-by personal experience.

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