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Scott Humston

Scott Humston has led an extraordinary life. Overcoming a speech related birth defect to become a full time speaker and performer, Scott now devotes his life to the art of motivating through entertainment. Scott holds a B.A. in communication studies and dramatic arts. He entertains, motivates, and inspires hundreds of audiences each year.

Scott has been performing in front of audiences for more than 26 years!–yet he is only 41. He started performing magic shows at the age of thirteen. “I’ve always had a desire to inspire people,” says Scott. “I was born with a birth-defect known as a ‘cleft-palate.’ Chances are that you, too, know someone with this ‘defect’. I have had six surgeries, years of speech classes, and lots of braces! I overcame this ‘defect’ in part because my parents, teachers, pastors, and others encouraged and inspired me and taught me that I could accomplish great things.”

Every week Scott performs in front of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people. But Scott’s show is more than just entertainment. It has a message revealed in wit and warmth.
The ability to reach people is a lifetime dream for Scott. “God has granted me the talent and devotion to spread fun in a very creative way,” Scott says.

He’s been invited to perform his program in hundreds of schools, churches, and corporations. Those places include Warner Brothers Records, Southwest Airlines, Saddleback Church, and even three shows for The White House. He lives in Grand Island, Florida, with his wife of 19 years, Debi, and four amazing kids, Hannah, Abby, Nathaniel, & Rachel.

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