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Keith West

If you're looking for entertainment, nothing says MAGIC better than a full Vegas illusion show. Usually, that means going to Las Vegas. However, if you can't go to a show in Las Vegas, then bring a Las Vegas show to you! Magic is all about doing the impossible. And that's exactly what you get when Keith West brings with his illusion show. In fact, Keith specializes in grand illusions. Keith's presentation is clean and polished (as is the equipment he uses). This means you will get the spectacle and glitter you expect and the audience sees the difference over other smaller shows. 

For most of the last two decades Keith West has been providing the finest in magical entertainment at corporate events, casinos, cruise ships and performing at the "Palace of Mystery" at the world famous "Magic Castle" in Hollywood, CA. This show combines the best of magic and mind boggling illusions with the wit and comedy of Keith West. The show also include lots of audience involvement. Guests will join Keith on stage and become part of the show. Audience members have been known to levitate, be cut in half, and much much more!

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