CODE: BK0975


This book is a must for any young magician. It covers every kind of magic, with masses of tricks explained in step-by-step detail. More than this, it includes the skills of showmanship which put the sparkle into every magic act.

Cheryl Evans, Rebecca Heddle and Ian Keable-Elliott wrote this book. Jane Felstead and Susie McCaffrey designed it.

Contents include About magic, Kinds of magic, Props, Acting and the magician, Misdirection, Patter, Silent acts, Costume, Rehearsing, Assistants, volunteers and stooges, When things go wrong, Planning an act, Being a professional, The story of magic, Famous names, Cards: first handling skills, Close-up cards Close-up cards 2 and Close-up coins.

Also includes Close-up with other props, Silent magic: card manipulation, Silent magic: coin manipulation, Manipulating billiard balls, Manipulating thimbles, Cabaret magic, Cabaret magic 2, Mentalism, Children's magic, Escapology, Illusions, Quick effects, Props to make, Magic variations, Snapshots from the life of Houdini, String tricks, More magic tricks and Magic information.

Paul Sullivan, Kim Blundell, Kim Raymond, John Davey, Chris Lyon, Ian Thompson and Joseph MeEwan illustrate the book.

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