CODE: G 072A


Tommy Tucker's Six Card Repeat has become one of the classic themes of magic with different methods for performing this effect. It has inspired a number of other effects based on this theme, with ropes, currency bills etc. Magician Someeran now has devised another version of the effect, using coins.

The performer displays a transparent glass tumbler with some coins in it. Showing his hands clearly empty coins are poured out and counted, there are six coins. Three of these are clearly placed in the performer's pocket, (or on the table, into another container etc.) and the other three dropped back into the empty glass.

The performer casts his spell and pours out the coins again and counts them. There are now again six coins. Three are placed aside and the remaining three dropped back into the glass. When they are poured out, there are again six coins. This is repeated again.

The apparatus supplied for this trick comprises of a special gimmicked glass that makes the effect virtually self-working. Great for close-up workers and especially god for restaurant table hopping magicians.

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