The Mini-Magic Switchboard just got more AFFORDABLE and with a new mindreading option, dollar-for-dollar, it's truly the BEST miniature switchboard we've seen to date!

Each colored switch will only operate its matching colored bulb ­ regardless of the position of the bulbs. You can even change the colored switch caps and still they'll always light the matching bulb!

As a finale, you place the switchboard face-down and have a spectator select one of the colors. When the switchboard is turned face-up the selected light is lit even though all of the switches are in the OFF position. This mental miracle can be repeated as often as onlookers desire.

The spectators can decide the position of the bulbs and the switch caps and even flip the switches. Yet, each switch will only operate its matching bulb. It's an impossibility. The LED lights, the switches and their caps are all perfectly ordinary and their examination will provide no clue to the method.

All the trickery is built into the circuitry of this truly diabolical switchboard. Entirely self-contained and devilishly clever, it's so simple to operate, you'll entertain yourself with it!

Use Cobra-Light anywhere from a restaurant tablehopping to strolling magic venues or corporate events.

A new approach to a classic of magic!

Completely self-working!

Can be done "Hands Off" as shown in video below!

This enables strolling artists and table-hoppers to bring a parlor effect that was previously too cumbersome to be enjoyed in the confines of a more intimate settings!

Comes with the Light set as you see in picture and extra battery.

The explanation is done on-line video, you will receive the video link.

It's very small, fit into your pocket, easy to carry anywhere.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.