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This is the fourth edition of this book and it has been revised. It is full of skits for service and worship. Janet tells you how to organize a clown-ministry troupe for in church or an outreach program. Also provided in this book are descriptive information about clown types, make-up tricks, wardrobe, props and performance techniques. Contains more than 145 pages.

Chapter one is an overview of the activities of clowns throughout history. Chapter two explains how clowns demonstrate devotion to God by their services and actions. Chapter three is about costume and facial make-up of "pure" clown types listed and illustrated. Chapter four speaks about the need for a balance between what the clown looks like and what he is made of, inside. Chapter five through twelve continues to enhance your knowledge about serving God through a Clown Ministry. If you are interested in Christian Clowning, this book is for you.

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