CODE: BK0090


Experience the final fantasy with nineteen heart-stopping Paul Harris creations guaranteed to make your wildest 'Close-Up Fantasies' come true!

THE VACUUM CLEANER CARD CASE: An invisible hairball causes the Vacuum Cleaner Card Case to inhale a selected card.

TORN AND RESTORED DECK: A practical method for accomplishing an impossible effect.

THUMB BREAK: The performer's thumb gets squashed at as he attempts to expose a secret move.

A VERY STRANGE EXCHANGE: The perfect follow-up to your favorite four-coin routine. A coin and a card visibly change places.

JUST CALL ME MR. WONDERFUL: A super-cool flourish for uncasing the deck with one hand.

THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING HAND: An embarrassing nervous condition causes the performer's hand to shrink whenever he attempts to palm a card.

ELECTRIC ACES: A condensed Reader's Digest version of the best in four-ace effects features a no-moves penetration of the final ace through a spectator's hand. And much more.

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