The only table of it’s kind. A deceptive table that looks completely see-through. It allows your audience to see what’s behind the table but not what’s inside of it.

The best part about is that you can do many different types of effects in the same show with just the one table: appearances and vanishes as well as penetrations and predictions. And it’s very easy to operate.

The look of the table was inspired by podiums and tables that are in most convention centers, so it looks corporate and high-end. It is sturdy, strong, set on top of high quality casters and it breaks down to fit in a 16” by 24” luggage.

The Clear Prediction is the first installment of the Clear Table. You can predict any freely selected thoughts called out by your audience! The prediction is locked in a completely clear tube and is revealed with large bold letters for the whole audience to see. And the best part of it is that you can do it with or WITHOUT a stagehand using our one-man method.

Clearly Gone is the second effect where you barrow a spectator’s phone, break it and then make it disappear right in front of their eyes. It ends up sealed and fully restored in the clear tube that was in the audience’s possession the entire time. This illusion is incredibly clean and powerful!

All Clear! – A card through glass.

Spike roulette – The safest and most deceptive Russian roulette routine.

Impossible Production

Invisible Switches

Hold outs

Keep an eye out for our grand Illusions using the Clear Table principle.

Appearing Motorcycle

Magic aquarium

Deceptive Clear Base

Clear Box CEO appearance

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