Jack Chanin (1907-1997) wrote about manipulation, sleeving, and sleights in his now-scarce books, and he created hundreds of magic effects for close-up and stage, all highly practictal and commercial. Chanin marketed many of his creations from his Studio of Magic in Philadelphia, where he inspired generations of magicians. 

Jack Chanin: Classic Deceptions is a CD collection of his rare material, with over 275 effects from his books, lecture notes, magazine contributions, and instruction sheets. Working magicians will find routine after routine to add to their performing repertoires in this incredible compilation. His cigar magic, sleeve work, and coin routines were ahead of their time and cready for the modern performer and his audiences! 

You'll get his Encyclopedia of Sleeving, Cigar Magic, J.C. Coin Routines, Grand FInale, six other publications, plus fifty effects from magazines and a large selection of instruction sheets, all easily searchable in convenient PDF format on CD. A true bargain for the smart performer!

  • Over 600 pages of material! 
  • More than 275 of Chanin's clever stage and close-up effects 
  • In-depth techniques for manipulation, sleeving, and advanced sleights 
  • Ten of Chanin's scarce books 
  • "Chanin's Corner" magazine columns 
  • 50 Chanin effects from magic magazines 
  • A selection of Chanin instruction sheets 
  • The original book illustrations and designs 
  • Easy searching with complete index 
  • Convenient PDF format on CD 

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