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One of the legendary figures in the history of card magic, Charles T. Jordan (1888-1944) is known for the astonishing range of his inventive ability, the subtlety of his thinking and the fact that so many of his creations have become magic classics. Although he did not perform in public, he profoundly influenced later generations of magicians and his writings embody many of the fundamental principles used in card magic today.

In the present volume, one of today's best-known writers on magic has compiled a wealth of Jordan's most impressive card tricks-impromptu tricks, banded-deck tricks, stacked-deck tricks, sleight-of-hand tricks, prepared-card tricks, shuffle systems, four-ace tricks, tricks using stripper decks and one-way decks and many more. Now you can learn amazing feats of card manipulation that not only baffle laymen but fool professional magicians as well. To aid the amateur performer, Karl Fulves has completely rewritten each trick, added explanatory details where necessary, and suggested simpler alternative techniques to complicated or advanced methods.

By following the carefully written and illustrated instructions in this book you can add these mystifying manipulations to your card conjuring repertoire: The Incomprehensible Destroyed Card, The Triple Escape, Psychic Prediction, Quadruple Concentration, Bewildero, An Impromptu Detection, Satan's Prophecy, The Demon Color Change, Long-Distance Mind Reading, The Bewitched Aces, The Master Riddle, The Electrified Strippers, The Stabbed Pair and scores of others. Over 200 illustrations by Joseph Schmidt augment the text and demonstrate the techniques needed to master each trick.

This book is an original Dover (1992) publication that contains 260 black-and-white illustrations, an introduction plus 272 5" x 8" pages. The book is and softbound.

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