CODE: G 017


This Change Bag is shaped like a Christmas stocking. You can use it to produce items or change items. It has no handle for easy use.

TO MAKE SOMETHING APPEAR:  Have the object to be produced in the side of the change bag that can be sealed with the Velcro.  Show the bag empty by allowing the audience to look inside at the empty pocket.  Close the bag and when you open it, open the sealed side and simply produce the object.

TO MAKE SOMETHING VANISH:  This change bag is an invaluable prop for use whenever you have to get rid of a silk, egg, ball or other small object.  Just show the item to be vanished going into the bag.  Place the item into the side of the change bag which can be sealed.  Now you can show the bag empty by sealing the item and showing the other side.

TO MAKE SOMETHING CHANGE:  This versatile bag can be used to make a number of different items change.

ROUTINE 1:  Have one large multi-colored silk hidden in the change bag (unsealed side).  Show 3 or 4 small different colored silks which you place into the sealed side of the change bag.  Now produce the large silk and show that the bag is empty.

ROUTINE 2:  Use this bag for a cut and restored neck tie routine.  Use duplicate ties.

ROUTINE 3:  Have red; white and blue silks turn into an American Flag.

ROUTINE 4:  Have small pieces of rope turn into one long piece.

ROUTINE 5:  Have single beads turn into strung beads.

ROUTINE 6: Change red and white silks into mini candy canes.

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