CODE: BK0661


When Paul Harris mentions meeting "a young magician" who showed him the independently developed idea of using two folded cards as a fake (in his "Immaculate Connection," THE NEW STARS OF MAGIC Volume 2, Number 1), he was talking about Jay Sankey. Jay, however, doesn't use that principle for linking cards together. Instead, he does a double torn and restored card routine.

Two cards are freely selected and signed by spectators. The cards are openly torn into quarters. The spectators actually see the magician count the separate quarters. Yet, in an instant, both cards are fully restored and given out for examination. Nothing is added or taken away! Any cards can be used and they are not prepared in any way! They can look all they want for the gaff, they won't find it .... because there is none to find!

This little book of eight well illustrated pages explains exactly how to do this effect. It is one of the most dynamic principles you will ever learn.

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