CODE: BK0815


This book contains ten chapters of great card magic with the emphasis on complete effects. The magic ranges from self-working tricks to more advanced magic requiring skill. Most of the items are previously unpublished and most can be performed with ungimmicked cards.

Chapters include Feature Effects; Information and Ideas; Self Working Magic; Packet Magic; Applications and Variations; More Feature Effects; Breather Crimp Mysteries; Full Deck Gimmicked; Changing Aces; Miscellaneous Routines and Moves. In addition to the author's own tricks and routines, many other card magicians have contributed to this book.

Contributors include: Randy Tanner, Paul Swinford, Richard Bartram Jr., David Harkey, Bob Farmer, Mike Bornstein, Rick Johnson, Dan Tong, Bev Bergeron, Karl Fulves, Aldo Colombini, Phil Goldstein, Harry Lorayne, Eddie Fechter and more.

The book contains 237 pages and is hardbound.

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