CODE: G 132


Here's the deal!  I make cases for all the more expensive wooden products that I make.  If you buy one of my Circus Wagons or Pizza Oven tricks it will come in a custom vinyl case.  I therefore have a ton of scraps left over from the cuttings.  Because I always carry four half dollars and a deck of cards around with me, I asked one of my ladies who sews tricks for me if she could make me a little case for cards and coins.  She went to K-Mart, bought some snaps and in a few minutes made the cases pictured above.

I love em!  They keep my cards from getting ratty and I don't sound like a sleigh bell when I walk because my coins are neatly tucked in their own little case.  Every magician needs to own at least one set of these cases.  If everyone buys a set of these cases, I will only have enough vinyl scarps to last till 2041 when I hope to be 100 years old.  I doubt if I'll make that year but these cases, if taken care of will!

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