CODE: BK0209


  • Firefall – A Fantasio Candle vanishes in a burst of fire.
  • Flashspin – A wand is tapped against a Fantasio Candle and the candle vanishes mysteriously in a circle of fire.
  • Triple – A Fantasio Candle is lit, a burst of fire and it vanishes and a cane has appeared in the candle's place.
  • Stripped – A Fantasio Candle melts away and turns into a thin strip of cloth.
  • Cane Fire – Fire shoots out of a Fantasio Candle as it vanishes behind a spinning Fantasio Cane.
  • Spitfire – A Fantasio Candle appears lit at anytime during your act.
  • Flashover – Your magic wand shoots out a flame and a candle appears.
  • Flower Power – A flower taken from a vase vanishes in a burst of fire and changes into a candle.
  • Colors – A red candle turns into a white candle in a burst of flame.
  • Flare – A piece of paper is lit. It turns into a candle.

Michael's creativity in magic has been awarded five times by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He hopes you enjoy the effects in this book, as much as he enjoyed designing them.

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