CODE: A 031




Two caterpillars are displayed, one red, the other green. Both are identical in shape and size (well, they were born at the same time!). However, one caterpillar starts to stretch its legs and the audience sees that it is much longer than the other. The other caterpillar, not wanting to be outdone, does the same and it's bigger than his brother!

The performer repeatedly stretches one or the other and the optical illusion is unbelievable! The performer asks what happens to a caterpillar when it grows up and the reply will be, "It turns into a butterfly." When both caterpillar pieces are reversed -and arranged, there is a beautiful butterfly with its flapping wings!

It works itself. Both pieces are identical in shape and size when placed on top of each other. However, when one is held under the other, the one below always appears to be longer. This means that you can repeat the effect over and over again. 

Comes with complete patter and made from durable chip board.

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