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Based on the number of editions published, Breslaw's Last Legacy would rank as the third most popular of the antiquarian English language books devoted primarily to legerdemain. Raymond Toole - Stott, in his two volume Bibliography of English (language) Conjuring, identifies nineteen editions or issues, and at least two others have been discovered. This popularity is exceeded only by the titles attributed to Henry Dean and by John Henry Anderson's Fashionable Science of Parlor Magic.

As with so many of these early gems, copies of Breslaw's Last Legacy seldom appear on the market except when a major collection is broken up. Philip Breslaw was a German conjurer who came to England in the early 1760's. Houdini, in his unmasking of Robert Houdin, quoted newspaper clippings in his collection, dated 1781, showing that Breslaw featured the "Cabalistic Clock" and demonstrations of "Second-Sight," both later claimed by Robert-Houdin as his origination’s.

Programs and newspaper ads proclaim that Breslaw would give puzzling performances utilizing such objects as rings, sleeve buttons, purses, swords, cards, dice, thoughts, watches, numbers, and a leg of mutton. His effect with the last item may be best left to imagination. This excerpt, which comes from the Forward of this neat little book, gives you an idea of the treat that you are in for when reading through this reprint. It has paradoxes and many effects of the late, great, Breslaw.

Treat yourself to this 144 page hardbound treat.

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