The calliope (not to be confused with the carousel organ) in the form we know it today is an American invention. It was invented in1855, and the original and those made for the next half-century used live steam to blow the whistles. Steam presents many hazards and problems, which encouraged the development in the early 1900's of the safer and easily-portable air calliope for use by circus sideshows and sometimes with the circus bands, carnival midways, or by anyone wanting to promote an event or advertise a product by attracting attention.

This CD contains beautiful music for any clown or kid's performer. Wonderful for warm ups at a party or picnic. The following songs are included: Stars and Stripes Forever, El Capitan, Free Lance, Washington Post, Semper Fidelis, Hands Across the Sea, U S Field Artillery, Entrance of the Gladiators, Soldiers of the Sea, Lights Out, The New Colonial, Potomac, Medinah Temple, Officer of the Day, The Iron Division, The Rainbow Division, Spirit of St. Louis, Hello Lindy, The Storm King, The Invincible Eagle, The Steel and Frat.

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