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Now available in one volume that's bound to please. From 1978 to 1980 Simon Aronson published his first three books on card magic. All three were exclusive manuscripts, sold privately in limited edition with minimal publicity. All three instantly received rave reviews from magic's most respected and advanced cardmen, and established Simon as one of card magic's most creative, off-beat, subtle and detailed thinkers.

Now the complete, original texts of The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson, A Stack to Remember, and Shuffle-Bored are collected and reprinted, plus breakthrough material first published in Kabbala and Hierophant magazines.

ED MARLO: Any effect in Card Ideas will have an impact on the most astute of audiences, whether they be laymen or magicians. Your method for Spectator Cuts the Aces is the kind of procedure one dreams about.

JOHN BANNON: Simon has done most of the work up front; his tricks are blockbusters, but not knuckle busters. It's hard to say which is more amazing: Simon's miraculous effects, his diabolical methods, or the depth and detail of his writing.

JON RACHERBAUMER: Card Ideas is a real eye-opener!... A Stack to Remember provides some mind-expanding theory and practice. Finally I found a system worth memorizing and utilizing.... Shuffle-Bored is a real miracle!

JIM PATTON: Simon is one of the top thinkers in magic. His "Adjacent" elicited more response from my magician audiences at the Castle than any other effect I performed.

MICHAEL CLOSE: If you do not have a copy of The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson, shame on you. "Red See Passover" is, in my opinion, one of the five strongest card tricks you can do for anyone I strongly urge you to purchase this book.

DARWIN ORTIZ: A Stack to Remember presents what is perhaps the most ingenious of all memorized stacks.

DAVID SOLOMON: When Simon performs his memorized deck locations, magicians and laymen alike are completely fooled, without a clue as to method. Now Simon's sharing his best kept secrets.

PHIL GOLDSTEIN: Card Ideas is unusually good. As I read it, I kept saying "That's nice thinking Shuffle-Bored is terrific. It's strong, "hands-off" mentalism.

HOWIE SCHWARZMAN: If a Nobel Prize were given for magic literature, this book would win one!

HARRY LORAYNE: These "card ideas" are terrific. These ideas for the advertising card are great.

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