Introducing the next generation in transportation! This bike is a totally NEW kind of transportation -- the Bouncer Bike. It's part bike, part scooter, part Moonwalker! Great for clowns in parades.

Built by aerospace engineers the Bouncer Bike is the first front wheel-bouncing bike. Faster than in-line skate, more compact than a mountain bike, more fun than a skateboard-- it is the perfect transportation and it's Fun!

To ride the Bouncer Bike you just kick off as if you were pushing a skateboard or a scooter. Then put both feet on the deck and follow the natural undulating movement of the Bike. You don't need to pedal or push off. You just bounce and it goes.

This innovative propulsion system draws you into a full bodied, continuous, fluid movement that works every major muscle group and gives you a virtual workout. Not recommended for children under 10 years old. The Bouncer Bike comes with a 90-day limited manufacturer's warranty.

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