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When Birthday Magician's Handbook was first introduced, publisher Lloyd Jones knew he had a hit... This was a book full of Dave Fiscus' best routines, tested and proven in hundreds of shows for kids from preschool to middle school. More than just tricks to perform; it was written from the perspective of a businessman, revealing Dave's "secrets" of setting up a profitable Birthday Magician operation.

The only drawback was that in rushing the information into print, the rough copy" was reproduced, complete with typos and first-draft sketches. In spite of its shortcomings, the Birthday Magician's Handbook was gobbled up by working performers who cared more about its substance than its style - and recognized a "winner" when they read one!

Of course, Lee Jacobs also knows a winner when he sees one! As publisher of masterworks from some of magic's real "thinkers and doers," he acquired Lloyd's Magic Unlimited library and began reprinting classic, out-of-print titles by Dariel Fitzkee, Ross Bertram, and others.

Lee Jacobs Productions is pleased to present this NEW, REVISED EDITION of the Birthday Magician's Handbook. It has been totally redesigned, edited and illustrated, updating Dave's original material as necessary in light of current developments. Completing the final details of this new edition is an up-to-date listing of the best available books, video and cassette tape resources about the business of performing for children, recommended by "whiz-kid" magicians, David Ginn and Samuel Patrick Smith.

You will use and enjoy the BIRTHDAY MAGICIAN'S HANDBOOK!

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