CODE: BK0749


The 560 pages are crammed full of good to great to terrific magic, by great people. Over 120 card effects, routines, ideas including - Ace Sandwich, Future Change, Fast Stack, Quadruple Jeopardy, Sum Hummer, Fascinating Pair, Sweet Four Card Change, Easy Slider, Mixed Up Poker, Super Triumph, Voice Print, Produce Four, Vanishing Aces, Strategy, Unshuffled, Reversibility, That's Incredible, Miracle Time, All Systems Go, Force Feed and much more.

The people that contributed to this book are tom Mullica, Martin Nash, Larry Jennings, Charles Hudson, Terry Lagerould, Tom Craven, Ed Marlo, Allan Ackerman, ken Krenzel, Phil Goldstein, herb Zarrow, J. K. Hartman, Meir Yedid, Bob King, eddy Taytelbaum, Jim swain, Paul Gertner, Jon Racherbaumer, Bob Farmer, Bernard Bilis, Ron Ferris, and many more.

Harry Lorayne even says that you'll even find some effects of his own. This book is hardbound and contains 539 pages. line drawings are inserted where ever needed to clarify what is being done.

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