CODE: BK0034


From England comes this wonderful book on card sleights. It is profusely illustrated and very clearly describes all basic card moves and many specialties. Twenty chapters deal with subjects such as: The Pass, Location, Palming & Forcing, False Cuts, False Shuffles, False Counts, The Double Lift, Top and Bottom Change, Glide and Slip, Glimpse and Peek, Reversing Cards, Flourishes, Fanning, Front and Back Palm, etc. Learn the right way to do these sleights.

Other chapters deal with Presentation, Card Climaxes, Patter, Color Changes, Mental and Gambling Effects. Hundreds of moves, sleights, tricks, flourishes, and methods are given. A comprehensive volume on CARD TECHNIQUE, well written and well produced with over 200 illustrations. Take our word for it, this is a book well worth the price and one that will teach you sleight of hand.

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