CODE: BK1176


Put your audience in a mild trance and they'll actually see what you describe!

At last, a handling of the classic Ball & Tube trick that will leave spectators gasping. In this routine, you'll be able to: change a steel ball bearing into a crystal ball without any switches, make the ball shrink without falling through the tube (and without using the gimmick!) and the effect will even happen under close observation and in the spectator's own hands!

A truly magical effect, and that's not even the best part-after you have demonstrated the antics of the ball & tube, your audience will be in a mild form of trance, making them ready accept to such suggestions as: "you will be able to FEEL the coin leave your hand," "you will actually SEE the card change before your eyes," etc. and the amazing thing is that they will experience what you're simply suggesting!

A hit of Docc's lectures for over 15 years, and now all the details are available in this staplebound.

23-page booklet

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