CODE: K 011D


This is an automatic version of the Three Card Monte effect, originally performed with years of practice, using slight of hand, as a betting game. This version uses jumbo cards, which are seven inches by four and one half inches. They are beautifully made using the King of spades and the Queen of hearts. In the effect, the performer shows three cards, two Kings and one red Queen. The cards are turned with their backs towards the audience and mixed. A spectator is invited to find the Queen. No matter which card the spectator selects, they always get a black King. The Queen seems very elusive.

This effect can be performed either on stage or in a cabaret setting. It is well made using specially laminated cards. The gimmicks work very smoothly. The price is less than half of the original effect.

We know you will be very happy with this set of "Auto Three Card Monte."

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