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2019 Auction Info
Sunday 10:15 AM
Bring all your used magic or new stuff that you don't use anymore to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Come and get some terrific bargains.
Auction Rules
  • Small items should be put in lots.
  • You may put a minimum bid on any item or lot.
  • You should list all the items in a lot.
  • All items must be in working order.
  • If items do not have instructions this should be noted.
  • Items should be put on display between 8:00am and 10:00am Sunday morning.
  • All sales will be final.
  • Credit cards and checks will be accepted.
  • Daytona Magic will issue a check to the seller at the end of the auction.
  • A 15% fee of the selling price will be retained by Daytona Magic and charged to the Seller.
  • Dealers are welcome to sell excess stock.
This should be a fun event that will provide you with another dimension of the Convention.
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