The Assistants Revenge is an instantly baffling illusion where the assistant is chained into a platform-type of stand.. The padlocks can be checked, and they are really COMPLETELY LOCKED IN.

The Magician now reveals a curtain, and walks (or runs) around the illusion with the curtain.

The assistant is covered for merely a second or two as the magician runs around, but to EVERYONE'S SURPRISE, the Assistant is now running around with the curtain, and the Illusionist/Magician is now locked and bound SECURELY!

The illusion can be examined beforehand, but usually this would be performed without examination. Easy to perform.. and of course the presentation is up to you!

This is certainly a reputation maker...

The illusion breaks down for easy transportation, the top and bottom are both removable from the main unit.

The product's actual weight - 112 lb

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